FROM SCRATCH has been in Providence, Rhode Island for FOUR YEARS?! Since we started this crazy little experiment, we've seen some amazing theater makers show us the very beginnings of what went on to become full length works - as well as one off experiments of work that was never meant to be. It's an exciting opportunity for artists to connect with audiences, to share each other's process, and to have a fun time - no pressure - just ten minutes to see if an idea works. 
We are so excited to have a featured scratcher this season - sharing the development of a handful of projects they're passionate to share. 

I am driven by ideas. My passion belongs to creation. Words are the most economical medium. One can create a universe with words and never spend a penny. At the conception of every creation is a thought. I think in universes and like every poet I write with worlds."

Vatic Kuumba
We're booking for the season NOW!
We're looking for artists and companies to SCRATCH.  We have ten minute slots available all year round. Please leave your name, email, genre, and a brief description of what you aim to share.  We're happy to have you!  We'll follow up with details and dates.   

 *Details include more info on our new artist guarantees!

FROM SCRATCH will feature up to six artists or companies presenting work around ten minutes long. Scratches are very new, very experimental iterations of work - nothing polished, nothing held back. Each night will be an opportunity to see how new performance and theater work is made in a variety of disciplines including devised theater, spoken word/comedy, new writing, and dance. Just being in the room helps artists develop their work further. Feedback is also highly encouraged, an exciting opportunity for audiences to directly influence the development of new work.    

Get ready for our first season of regularly scheduled scratches! We're on at 7pm, every second Sunday of the month from September to May at AS220's Black Box.  And there is free street parking in Downtown Providence on Sundays.